UK Cinema Association – What Does It Do And Why We Should Support It?

The United Kingdom’s cinema industry has been significant for over a hundred years. However, it was not until the 1940s that it really boomed. The UK has seen the production of some of the highest – grossing films such as the Harry Potter franchise.

Franchises such as James Bond gave the world its favourite intelligence office, 007.  The UK Cinema Association is the body charged with the Kingdom’s cinematic interests. The association ensures that cinema goers have access to the latest and best movies whether homegrown or international.

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The Association’s Work

The association works with cinemas across the region to ensure that they have the films that are in demand. It performs the following duties:

Film Programming

Each cinema has the responsibility to acquire the films its audiences would be interested in seeing. Programming involves deciding which films will be shown in a cinema each week. The programmer may:

  • Book films for one or more cinemas if they work for more than one
  • Get into negotiations with film distributors about the rental terms for each film

Film programmers must be in touch with the needs of their audiences. The audience may reject films that they have no interest in seeing. However, they will book a film they want to see in droves. The UK Cinema Association ensures that cinemas have the films they need.


UK Cinemas Charged By Film Industry To Become Autism-Friendly

For several decades, people suffering from Autism have been excluded from the majority of the societal outdoor activities. The settings are mostly unfavourable for disabled people and they end up feeling unwelcome and awkward. This is, unfortunately, common for cinemas as well.

Dimensions – A National Learning Disability and Autism Support Provider, has been working with cinemas worldwide to improve the arrangements and educate the staff members regarding this problem. Recently, they collaborated with the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) and the UK Cinema Association to spread their initiative in the UK as well. The Funding for the same has been supported by The National Lottery.

These training and resources are provided free of cost so that maximum staff members participate in making cinemas more accessible. More and more cinemas are urged by the Association to join in by not just encouraging their staff, but also holding special screenings for disabled people and ensuring their comfort. Only when cinemas are more autism-friendly, families will get a chance to spend more time together, plan an outing without much doubt, and most importantly, people will get a reason to step out of the house and be more excited about the same.


5 Movie Trends That Were The Flavour Of The Season In 2017

The film industry is constantly evolving with the incorporation of new techniques and tools that improves the viewer’s experience. 2017 may be behind us but it set the foundation or expanded the movie trends that currently rock the industry.

“We’ve seen a lot with VR and Augmented Reality… it seems that technology and craftsmanship are being reunited with art and artistry. These new technologies are here to be brought to the next level, made better, and engage us with new stories told in new ways”.

It is important to observe that, like fashion, trends continue to be recycled. Some of the trends that rocked 2017 have existed in the past – but now with a twist owing to the more advanced technologies available to filmmakers. Some of these trends are expected to continue for years while others have a lean future. Let us look at some of the movie trends that were the flavour of 2017.


Is The UK Cinema Ticket Price Sustainable?

In the past few years, cinema ticket price has gone up very high in the UK. The prices of tickets vary in different cities and it also depends upon the popularity of the movie. The Film Distributors Association of the United Kingdom has found that there has been a steep increase in the prices of the ticket in the last five years. There are no regulatory bodies to control the price of tickets in the UK, but there are bodies that monitor the price. It has become difficult to assess the price of a cinema ticket. Although many cinema groups have introduced flexible pricing policies, individuals may not benefit from this. These schemes include ‘buy one, get one free’ or ‘buy family tickets at a huge discount’. The average price of a ticket in the UK is approximately $10.

This facepalm of Young Perps actor says it all about the situation.

The Young Perps UK Fiasco

The real discussion about prices of cinema tickets in UK started with the premiere of Young Perps series. The demand for the first episodes was so high, that cinemas had no choice but to raise prices even more. A lot of people got angry, because they really wanted to see the adventures of young guys stealing from shops and getting caught with it. The ways of punishing them fore such crime is also very controversial, so you can imagine that it causes quite a stir in the society. Maybe launching movies on Netflix/Amazon platforms isn’t really that bad idea after all?


Highlights from the New Releases in 2017

All the movie lovers, sit back and save your money for something big. This year, many exciting new releases will drag you to the cinema. The year 2017 is here to break all the records. Many awaited sequels will shine on the silver screen and many new stories will take away your heart. There’s lot to expect from 2017. Here are the highlights of the new releases lined-up for the next three months of 2017.

  • March

March of 2017 is already becoming a success with Kong: Skull Island and Logan stealing the show at the box office, but that’s not it. There’s a lot more to come.


Amazing Movie Theatres in UK

There is a saying that “Hollywood is the home of greatest movies yet London theaters are the best place to watch them”. If you are visiting UK for the first time and you want to find the best cinema hall to watch your favorite and much awaited movie at, here are some theaters we would highly recommend.

Edible Cinema

If you are in London and you want to have that unique experience inside a movie theater, go for Edible Cinema. This theater serves not popcorn but gourmet snacks to their guests. The food and drink are provided to the audience in trays. Edible Cinema doesn’t have regular viewing timings and movie schedules are announced in advance. (more…)

Best Upcoming Releases in 2017

2017 continues to be a great year for movie lovers and movie goers as long lists of much awaited sequels and instalments are about to be released this year. Sequels of Fast and the Furious without Paul Walker and the reboot of Transformers are all set to be out this year, making everyone excited about it. (more…)

Forecasting UK Movie Trend 2017

2017 is going to be a fantastic movie year when it comes to the number of great movies being released. It’s a year in whcih you’ll spend a lot of time watching movies. We’ve forecasted what the biggest hits of 2017 will be based on the trends, cast, director and how well a franchise’s comparable films have done in the past. Our heads are spinning a little. Enjoy!

Despite the availability of streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu, movie-goers are still enjoying going to cinema and theaters to watch new releases. Today, most movies are either sequels or installments of previous hits, often centered on superhero franchises (Ironman, Avengers and Wolverine) and animations (Despicable Me). As such, installments continue to rake in money for the film makers. So be rest assured that more and more movies in the future will have 2, 3 and 4 of them after each title and most of these movies will still get millions (if not billions) of ticket sales. If you are looking forward to this year’s movies, you must know that most forecasts are always right in projecting that sequels will rule cinemas and movie houses and most of them will earn hundreds of millions of dollars. (more…)

Dominance of Spy Movies in UK cinema 2017

Movie lovers are always in search of best spy movies. There are hundreds of websites, which provide information about the latest and best movies. 21st century has been the time of rise of spy movies and got a collection of the best spy movies. This film genre has taken-over the minds of the viewers since many years since the film directors and producers are making best spy movies according to people’s interests. UK cinema industry is one of the world’s most established cinema industries. Dominance of specific movies in UK cinema decides, “Who is on the front this time.”

Spy movies in UK cinemas

According to a survey, spy movies have dominance in UK cinema since last 10 years. The reason behind this dominance is viewer’s interest in spy movies. People of United Kingdom (UK) are very interested in spy movies and their interests have flourished the UK cinema industry. (more…)

Commencement of Virtual Reality in UK Cinemas

Virtual Reality has been a real thing in the gaming world. Gaming consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation and HTC’s Vive are among the most popular avenues of virtual reality technology. However, news has recently spread like fire that cinemas in UK are commencing to have virtual reality as well.

Is it possible?

When moving picture was not introduced yet, the question of whether someone can shoot a moving picture was also met with uncertainties. Then we got moving pictures, colored films and 2D, 3D and IMAX and now we are looking forward to having Virtual Reality! With VR sales hitting more than 12 million in 2016, it seems like Hollywood is now making attempts to make movies computable with the Virtual Reality technology.

Virtual reality in cinema has so far been more virtual and unable to commence reality shows. The technology  every industry has its disruptive pressure, and virtual reality is supposed to commence in the movie industry, which has been around for decades. (more…)