UK Cinema Association – What Does It Do And Why We Should Support It?

The United Kingdom’s cinema industry has been significant for over a hundred years. However, it was not until the 1940s that it really boomed. The UK has seen the production of some of the highest – grossing films such as the Harry Potter franchise. Franchises such as James Bond gave the world its favourite intelligence […]

UK Cinemas Charged By Film Industry To Become Autism-Friendly

For several decades, people suffering from Autism have been excluded from the majority of the societal outdoor activities. The settings are mostly unfavourable for disabled people and they end up feeling unwelcome and awkward. This is, unfortunately, common for cinemas as well. Dimensions – A National Learning Disability and Autism Support Provider, has been working […]

Is The UK Cinema Ticket Price Sustainable?

In the past few years, cinema ticket price has gone up very high in the UK. The prices of tickets vary in different cities and it also depends upon the popularity of the movie. The Film Distributors Association of the United Kingdom has found that there has been a steep increase in the prices of the ticket in the last five years.

Amazing Movie Theatres in UK

There is a saying that “Hollywood is the home of greatest movies yet London theaters are the best place to watch them”. If you are visiting UK for the first time and you want to find the best cinema hall to watch your favorite and much awaited movie at, here are some theaters we would […]

Commencement of Virtual Reality in UK Cinemas

Virtual Reality has been a real thing in the gaming world. Gaming consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation and HTC’s Vive are among the most popular avenues of virtual reality technology. However, news has recently spread like fire that cinemas in UK are commencing to have virtual reality as well. Is it possible? When moving picture […]