UK Cinema Association – What Does It Do And Why We Should Support It?

The United Kingdom’s cinema industry has been significant for over a hundred years. However, it was not until the 1940s that it really boomed. The UK has seen the production of some of the highest – grossing films such as the Harry Potter franchise.

Franchises such as James Bond gave the world its favourite intelligence office, 007.  The UK Cinema Association is the body charged with the Kingdom’s cinematic interests. The association ensures that cinema goers have access to the latest and best movies whether homegrown or international.

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The Association’s Work

The association works with cinemas across the region to ensure that they have the films that are in demand. It performs the following duties:

Film Programming

Each cinema has the responsibility to acquire the films its audiences would be interested in seeing. Programming involves deciding which films will be shown in a cinema each week. The programmer may:

  • Book films for one or more cinemas if they work for more than one
  • Get into negotiations with film distributors about the rental terms for each film

Film programmers must be in touch with the needs of their audiences. The audience may reject films that they have no interest in seeing. However, they will book a film they want to see in droves. The UK Cinema Association ensures that cinemas have the films they need.


The person in charge of operations ensures that the film is running without interruption and eliminates any challenges that may crop up. This includes taking care of the following:

  • The staff
  • Health and safety
  • On – site customer care
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Lighting
  • Opening times

The UKCA will work with cinemas to ensure that all everything operates smoothly. A cinema that fails to meet the set standards stands the risk of being denied permission to operate.

Marketing And Promotions

This involves getting as many people as possible interested in a film in order to attract a large audience. Cinemas must understand what kind of films the audience is interested in seeing at present and in the future.

They must also make the cinema irresistible to the audience. People need a good reason to go to the cinema instead of watching the film at home. The cinema experience must be well packaged.

They must make the cinema irresistible to the audience

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General Management

The association works with general managers of the different cinemas to ensure that they run as they should. The general managers deal with issues such as:

  • Complaints
  • Control of concession stock
  • Customer enquiries
  • The box office
  • Advertisements

Why We Should Support The UK Cinema Association

If you are yet to join the UKCA, you should consider doing so. This is the one way your voice will be heard with regard to concerns about challenges facing the sector. You also stand to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Add your voice to issues such as regulation
  • Understand matters to do with legislation as well as issues that affect you directly as a consumer
  • Get discounts with the main collecting societies


If you own a cinema, joining the UK Cinema Association should be a top priority. You will be allowed to have a say in how the industry is run.

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