With time, the movie industry has shown great diversity. Advancement in technology has transformed every aspect of life including this industry, and the movie makers have taken the huge advantage of this benefit. In the 21st century, movies are no wonder the best form of art. They are influencing the world in many ways. From fantasy to reality, they tell thousands of stories in the best possible mode.

Every week, so many new movies shine on the silver screen. Some make history, while others are forgotten in the sand of time. Many people become the part of this industry every year and leave without recognition while, others become legends in a single shot and reside in peoples’ hearts for years. The movie industry is like a roller coaster ride that offers highs and lows after every turn. You don’t know what is going to happen next.

Every movie is not made for everyone. We have our own individual differences that make us like different things. Our choices are unique in many forms. Movies are also present in diverse genres for the same reason. Some people like historical documentaries while others love to live in fantasy. For many love stories are special, for others they are just a way of time pass and so on. But there are some movies and shows that are equally liked by the mass of people. They are distinctive piece of art which offers something for everyone and these movies become the blockbusters. People are bound to see them generation after generation.

Formerly, you could only tell about the movie after watching it or hearing about it from your family or friends. Or after the premier of the movie, you had to wait for the newspaper next day to know whether the new release would touch the strings of your heart. Due to the lack of resources, there are not so many ways to get the information in the past. Now things have changed and internet has revolutionized the modern world. Getting any info in this era is quite easy and hassle free.

When you want to know how the movie is, reviews offer the greatest way. They tell you what is in the movie and how amazing is it. They also provide the insight of how the movie team makes things possible. From the top movies of the year to the worst one, reviews tell you all. They not only provide you the ratings, but state the latest gossips of what is happening as well. This website is one way to know it all.

I am (write the name) the sole manager, writer and editor of this website. I made this website as a hobby. Here, I tell you about what are the latest trends of the industry in UK; what the blockbusters of the year are; which movies are worth your time and which are not; which TV shows you should watch; which movie will leave you mesmerized and so much more.

I am making all these efforts for the movie lovers like me. I know how much worth this piece of art has in our lives. I am a student of (write the name) and watch movies in my spare time. I love telling people about my own experiences about whether I like the movie or not. I will also research high and low to compile the latest movie news and trends to present them to you at a single place.

You are most welcome to join me on this new venture of the movie world that is full of fun and excitement. Over the coming months, explore this world with me like you never before. My content will serve your mind and heart. You will make some unforgettable memories and soon this website will become your top choice of movie criticism and reviews. Embark on this amazing journey with me that is full of entertainment and pleasure.