Amazing Movie Theatres in UK

There is a saying that “Hollywood is the home of greatest movies yet London theaters are the best place to watch them”. If you are visiting UK for the first time and you want to find the best cinema hall to watch your favorite and much awaited movie at, here are some theaters we would highly recommend.

Edible Cinema

If you are in London and you want to have that unique experience inside a movie theater, go for Edible Cinema. This theater serves not popcorn but gourmet snacks to their guests. The food and drink are provided to the audience in trays. Edible Cinema doesn’t have regular viewing timings and movie schedules are announced in advance.

Greenwich Picturehouse

Want to watch The Fate of the Furious in style? Watch it at Greenwich Picturehouse. After watching your movie, you can celebrate the happiness of Dom in their basement bar. What is the best thing to do after watching an action-packed movie? Right! Get some laughter therapy from the comedy gigs offered at the Greenwich Picturehouse.


Do you want to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in IMAX? Do it at BFI IMAX as they offer one of a kind IMAX experience for movie-goers. One of the biggest IMAX Theater in UK, BFI IMAX also offers educational video watching aside from its regular blockbuster IMAX releases. The theater offers free WiFi and has bars inside where people can grab beer for themselves and ice cream for kids. BFI or the British Film Institute has the biggest IMAX screen with a size of 20 meters by 26 meters. It is also equipped with 12k Watts of surround sound for a greater viewing experience.

Rich Mix

Another affordable yet awesome movie house to visit in UK is Rich Mix. Although the name says “Rich”, it doesn’t mean it is for the rich only. Located on Bethnal Green Road, Rich Mix is surrounded by great restaurants allowing movie date to be part of your dinner date. Aside from watching movies, Rich Mix also offers variety of shows such as live music and comedy shows.

Everyman Hampstead

Located in one of the roads of Hampstead, Everyman Cinema has a retro style that makes it recognizable even in pictures. Enjoy a unique experience with your family as you take your seat in its luxurious chairs. If you want something, there is an in-table service offered as well. Everyman is highly recommended for people who are having their first date or family date.

Regent Street Cinema

Want to go on a movie date but are on a limited budget? You can still impress your date by going to the Regent Street Cinema. This historical cinema was renovated and is now open for the audience again. The theater was closed down in the 80’s due to its age and for renovation purposes. Regent Street Cinema was indeed historical for being the first British cinema opened to the public in the early 1900s. This movie house is just a minute away from Oxford Circus and is now operational under the University of Westminster.

Cine Lumire

UK movie-goers that are into different movie genres or those who love foreign movies like French and European films can enjoy them by visiting Cine Lumire. This theater doesn’t only showcase new releases; they also offer repertory films and special screenings. Most screenings have Q&A events with the movie directors. One of the highlights of this cinema is their Sunday French classic screening.

Prince Charles Soho

If you want to see Logan, which was released last week but is no longer available in cinemas near you, you can check if Prince Charles Soho has a rerun schedule for you. Not that this cinema runs old movies, it is just that they specialize in rerunning hit movies to give a chance to fans who were not able to catch it up on the big screen. Aside from having special re-runs, they also offer “seasons” runs such as movies by a particular director or movies by a particular actor (such as the Jurassic Park series). Prince Charles Soho is an independent movie house that reruns everything.


If you are looking for a unique viewing experience or want to impress someone on a movie date, make sure to see your favorite upcoming movie in one of these amazing theaters in UK. Most of them might be expensive, but hey, you are paying for the experience and that experience is something that you can keep with you forever.