Commencement of Virtual Reality in UK Cinemas

Virtual Reality has been a real thing in the gaming world. Gaming consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation and HTC’s Vive are among the most popular avenues of virtual reality technology. However, news has recently spread like fire that cinemas in UK are commencing to have virtual reality as well.

Is it possible?

When moving picture was not introduced yet, the question of whether someone can shoot a moving picture was also met with uncertainties. Then we got moving pictures, colored films and 2D, 3D and IMAX and now we are looking forward to having Virtual Reality! With VR sales hitting more than 12 million in 2016, it seems like Hollywood is now making attempts to make movies computable with the Virtual Reality technology.

Virtual reality in cinema has so far been more virtual and unable to commence reality shows. The technology  every industry has its disruptive pressure, and virtual reality is supposed to commence in the movie industry, which has been around for decades.

Importance of Virtual Reality’s Commencement in UK Cinemas

Among the important reasons why we should consider and look forward to the availalbity of VR in theaters soon are:

  • Virtual Reality is Better Than 3D
  • When 3-D movies were first shown, it was very popular.
  • 3D’s effect on viewers is not the same when watching on a regular movie house. It is highly effective when watching action movies and animation though
  • Watching a movie or a film in a VR capable cinema would be a new and exciting experience for all movie-goers

When it is coming?

At the moment, IMAX technology makers are working with Google in order to design a high resolution and three dimensional video technology that will allow Virtual Technology to happen. According to news, the Virtual Technology in cinemas will use Google’s Jump technology. Jump technology is a 3D software and is the same technology that is being used in action cameras like GoPro.

Why are we asking for more?

Virtual Reality games can be an awesome part of our daily lives with VR software attached to our mobile phones all the time. I personally love playing The Last Man Standing on my phone with my VR glass on my eyes. I love the realities it creates and if I can see Vin Diesel racing with his opponents in Fast and Furious 8 on those VR glasses, I think that would be really awesome.

Another reason why movie-goers are demanding for the commencement of Virtual Reality in cinemas is perhaps because they have experienced it on their TV sets as well and they love it. Almost all of our neighbors now have their own VR glass from Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear. These VR headsets are very affordable, easy to set up and easy to use. Thus, we think that it is pretty easy to apply this technology in cinemas and theaters.

How the movie industry is catching up with Virtual Reality Technology

Fox and Paramount has tried to make an effort to bring VR to cinemas with the likes of Interstellar and the series Game of Thrones. Oculus, a maker of VR headset has now launched their Story Studio production, a group that aims to produce content for Virtual Reality Technology. is another group that started working on the VR cinema platform and although this technology is just starting to receive attention, Hollywood and UK are now looking forward towards having VR in their cinemas.

The effect of VR in cinemas

One film that has the Virtual Reality technology is Evolution of Verse, a film created by Chris Milk, founder of The film shows torrential rain in a scene and as it approaches the viewers wearing VR glasses, they yell and scream thinking that they are about to get wet. The effect is so realistic that the viewers experienced butterflies in their stomachs. It is like watching 3D movies but is more realistic!

One thing that needs consideration though when watching VR films is that it can possibly lead to motion sickness. The powerful effect of having such realistic portrayal of say ghost in front of you might also lead to irrational fear of ghosts in the future. Despite the commencement of Virtual Reality in cinemas in the future, makers of VR technology believe that it is not going to replace regular cinemas, it will only add to the experience of movie-goers.