Dominance of Spy Movies in UK cinema 2017

Movie lovers are always in search of best spy movies. There are hundreds of websites, which provide information about the latest and best movies. 21st century has been the time of rise of spy movies and got a collection of the best spy movies. This film genre has taken-over the minds of the viewers since many years since the film directors and producers are making best spy movies according to people’s interests. UK cinema industry is one of the world’s most established cinema industries. Dominance of specific movies in UK cinema decides, “Who is on the front this time.”

Spy movies in UK cinemas

According to a survey, spy movies have dominance in UK cinema since last 10 years. The reason behind this dominance is viewer’s interest in spy movies. People of United Kingdom (UK) are very interested in spy movies and their interests have flourished the UK cinema industry.

All time best Spy movies

A movie collection created in 2015, which contains a list of all-time favorite movies, contains almost all spy movies. For example, Theory of Everything, Foxcatcher, Birdman etc. are the favorite spy movies. In the latest spy movies, Inception got the highest rating. It was released on 8 July 2010, in UK and paved its way to the top of the box office. There are other movies like Specter, Bridge of spies, Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation, Sky fall, Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol etc. Specter got the highest rating in 2015.

Spy movies in 2015

MI-5 was released in 2015. Spoilers were saying all good things about the movie. But after its release, people failed to get the story. Other spy movies, which got popular after their release in UK cinema include:

  • Spy
  • Furious 7
  • The man from U.N.C.L.E
  • Sicario
  • No Escape etc

Spy movies in 2016

A movie named “Allied” was released in 2016 and it got some high ratings among movie lovers. Other spy movies released in 2016 were:

  • The Brothers Grimsby
  • Our kind of Traitor

2016 was not the year of spy movies. So the Spy movie lovers in UK kept watching old py movies in the cinemas.

Spy movies in 2017

Two best movies, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Atomic Blonde are going to be released in September 2017 and August 2017 respectively.

The Coldest City is an upcoming spy movie in 2017. Spoilers are here to catch the attention of movie lovers. So, this movie revolves around undercover agents, which are involved in a secret operation. This movie is going to release on 11 August 2017. Red Sparrow is catching the attention of viewers before its release because it is the adaptation of Jason Matthew’s novel “Red Sparrow”. UK cinemas are going to distribute the tickets for this movie, before November 10, 2017 (release date).


Spy movie genre is the most favorite movie genre in UK. Therefore, a big part of income of cinemas in UK comes from spy movies. Critics and movie lovers do not judge the Spy movies, they just love them. And that is the prime reason for the dominance of spy movies in UK cinema.