Dominance of Spy Movies in UK cinema 2017 FEATURED

Movie lovers are always in search of best spy movies. There are hundreds of websites, which provide information about the latest and best movies. 21st century has been the time of rise of spy movies and got a collection of the best spy movies. This film genre has taken-over the minds of the viewers since many years since the film directors and producers are making best spy movies according to people’s interests. UK cinema industry is one of the world’s most established cinema industries. Dominance of specific movies in UK cinema decides, “Who is on the front this time.”

Spy movies in UK cinemas

According to a survey, spy movies have dominance in UK cinema since last 10 years. The reason behind this dominance is viewer’s interest in spy movies. People of United Kingdom (UK) are very interested in spy movies and their interests have flourished the UK cinema industry. (more…)

Commencement of Virtual Reality in UK Cinemas

Virtual Reality has been a real thing in the gaming world. Gaming consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation and HTC’s Vive are among the most popular avenues of virtual reality technology. However, news has recently spread like fire that cinemas in UK are commencing to have virtual reality as well.

Is it possible?

When moving picture was not introduced yet, the question of whether someone can shoot a moving picture was also met with uncertainties. Then we got moving pictures, colored films and 2D, 3D and IMAX and now we are looking forward to having Virtual Reality! With VR sales hitting more than 12 million in 2016, it seems like Hollywood is now making attempts to make movies computable with the Virtual Reality technology.

Virtual reality in cinema has so far been more virtual and unable to commence reality shows. The technology  every industry has its disruptive pressure, and virtual reality is supposed to commence in the movie industry, which has been around for decades. (more…)