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One of the most passionate matters of our cultural life is the love for films. Throughout decades film productions from Hollywood or elsewhere have been fascinating audiences all over the world. People love to watch a good entertaining film and spent an enjoyable pastime. But which film is worth to be watched? Since there is such a huge supply of new film productions being released in cinemas or DVD stores every week, many film lovers have a hard time finding the good films among the tons of mediocre movies available out there.

Therefore, the UK film critic offers ambitious texts helping you to find the needle in the haystack of international film releases. Our site contains articles, links, retrospectives and reviews of cinema releases. Not only will you find articles about the most recent films but also reviews of old established film classics and retrospectives: 12 angry men, Citizen Cane or Casablanca are only a handful of those classic films that will be under the uk critic review.

After all, our site will offer you a full review of both major film releases and independent productions. We will report on the most popular film festivals and award ceremonies such as the Oscars or the Golden Globes. As a conclusion, we asses the slogan of the uk critic: some voices say that it is impossible to judge a great film but we surely think it is possible.

Note: Our site is still in progress! New Posts will be updated monthly until one of us lost his job!

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Top 5 best movie mistakes

As we mentioned before, a lot of goofs happen during the shooting of the movie. The mistakes that accidently stay in the movie, are the ones we can really laugh […]

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The history of Home Cinema

For people who love watching movies, a home cinema is the best invention since the movie itself. It offers you the opportunity to watch the movies you like in a […]

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Top 10 Cult-movies

In the past decades there have been so many movies in so many categories that it is hard to decide which ones are worth your time to watch. One of […]

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What movie should you watch

When you are about to decide which movie you want to watch, you could watch one of the movies out of the best-movies-ever-top-three. But you could also take a pick […]

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The impact of transport systems on filmmaking history

Taking a look at how transport systems have developed in the last – say – 150 years also tells how these have influenced filmmakers all over the world. There are […]

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